How to Find a Cesspool on an Unexplored Property

Cesspool Pumping

Locating the cesspool is difficult if the history of the property is unknown. However, there are indications that may point to the possible location of the cesspool. All you need to do is look for these indications. Even without calling the professionals, this task should be fairly easy.

Look For Obvious Signs

Cesspools may have parts that can be seen on the ground. Even a keen eye may be able to locate buried covers. For instance, exposed stakes may be seen. In some cases, a survey of the property may determine the cesspool’s location. During winter, for instance, look for an area where the snow melts more rapidly.

Spot Landscaping Clues

The old owner would not have planted trees or shrubs over the cesspool. So, an area without vegetation aside from grasses may hold a cesspool underneath. Dirt mounds and rock piles may also indicate the presence of a cesspool. In general, look for irregularities on the ground surface. Anomalous areas on the ground are some features to check. An area on the ground where a cesspool sits underneath may be raised or depressed.

The vegetation over the cesspool would probably look different from the vegetation around. If it leaks, the grass growing over it becomes nourished. See if there is an area where the grass is greener.

Use a Metal Detector.

A cesspool can be easily searched using efficient devices, like a metal detector. A metal detector will determine the presence of metals in a cesspool. You can then assume the location of a cesspool.

Call Cesspool Services

If you don’t wish to spend an entire morning looking for buried cesspools, you can simply dial the number of the nearest septic system pumping company. Chances are a Best flo Sewer and Drain had built it. They probably know where the pit is located. Even if they don’t know its location, they would still be more experienced in looking for buried cesspools. Professionals can trace the sewer lines safely. If you want good work, you may ask professionals to do the job. That should ease the burden on your part.

Track Drainage Lines

Cesspools drain their contents through drain lines, which are actually pipes that transport the contents of a cesspool to an absorption area. The absorption area appears soggy. Vegetation is lush in this area. If you probe this area using a reinforcing bar rod, you could find the drain lines, which eventually lead to the cesspool.

Knowing the location of the cesspool is necessary during maintenance and repairs. Damaged cesspools may leak and release unwanted odors. Maintenance and repair should be done by professionals.

Cesspool Maintenance Tips

One of the many problems that many homeowners actually face during the winter season is their frozen septic system. Many homeowners face this problem year after year. And it usually cost them money to have someone take care of the problem. And so, it can be really helpful if you know some effective cesspool maintenance tips to avoid having a frozen septic system. Check out the following tips shared by home experts below.

  • Make sure that you cover the pipes and manholes. Seal them carefully before winter comes. Ideally, this should be done during construction but if in any case, it is left open, make sure to seal the openings with a Styrofoam. This will also allow enough insulation inside the cesspool or septic tank.
  • Make sure there is enough insulation inside the septic tank. Proper insulation is very important for this type of home system. You do not want to ruin your winter season with a problematic cesspool or septic tank. Placing a layer of mulch over the tank, the pipes and the outer system is such a big help. Be resourceful and look for other organic materials you can use for the layering such as hay, leaves, and straw. It does not have to cost you much for the layering alone. You can even do a little mowing and store the grass clippings to be used when winter comes.
  • Always check the septic system and if you notice that it is already starting to freeze, run warm water in the system. This helps to normalize the situation. Do your usual things such as taking a hot shower, doing the laundry, washing the dishes and other activities that make use of water for your plumbing system to remain in its normal temperature. However, see to it that you do not overload the system by leaving the water running for long hours.
  • As much as possible, do not allow any traffic above the system. Vehicular or pedestrian traffic can damage the insulation inside the system. Even compacted soil can greatly affect the insulation of the septic tank. So make sure that you keep all traffic off your cesspool.

Finding the Right Cesspool Service Company

The Yellow Pages may be checked for these companies. The internet can also be checked. Most cesspool cleaners can be seen on the internet now. Refine your search by adding the name of your place when looking for a cesspool pumping company. If you cannot find a cesspool cleaner in your area, there should be one in a nearby town.

Consider the Cost

Now, there are certain things that should be kept in mind when choosing a cesspool cleaner. First is the cost. The charged rate depends on a few factors like services needed and travel distance. More services required mean higher cost. Cesspool pumping companies do have fixed costs for each type of service. However, you may shoulder transportation cost. That is why it is advantageous to look for a nearby company as much as possible. At the same time, different companies charge different rates. Know the reason behind this cost disparity. Is the company that charges higher rates offering a better quality of service?

Consider their Reputation

If a friend told you about a badly done cesspool cleaning, it would be wise not to contact the service provider. Reputable cesspool cleaners take pride in the quality of work they carry out. Reviews about a company can be seen online. You should find out what previous customers say about the services offered by a cesspool maintenance company. The problem is that some websites only display good testimonials, so make sure to take a look at several websites.

Ask a Friend

Recommendations from associates should be considered. Someone you know may provide you the contact details of his cesspool cleaner. Ask if he was satisfied with the work done.

Rely On Experience

You probably have contacted a maintenance service and you were disappointed. Would you phone that company in the future? Sometimes, you have no choice but simply just get the services of a company and hope you did the right choice. At times, you may be surprised. Keep the number of best flow and sewer and drain that did a great job.

Ask Questions

When phoning a servicing company, tell them your concerns and ask what they could possibly do. Good cesspool maintenance professionals will offer free advice without introducing their quotes. Reputable cesspool cleaners should be concerned about their customer.

Take note that even the best company may have bad records too. You may want to give a second chance to professionals who do haphazard jobs. See if you can call the company back if you are dissatisfied. If they still do a terrible job, you may consider another company.

Sometimes it takes your own experience to know if a cesspool cleaner’s services are worth the money you pay. You always have the option to seek another company in case you are disappointed. The good thing is that most cesspool pumping and cleaning companies work really hard to please their customers.