Cesspool Maintenance Tips

One of the many problems that many homeowners actually face during the winter season is their frozen septic system. Many homeowners face this problem year after year. And it usually cost them money to have someone take care of the problem. And so, it can be really helpful if you know some effective cesspool maintenance tips to avoid having a frozen septic system. Check out the following tips shared by home experts below.

  • Make sure that you cover the pipes and manholes. Seal them carefully before winter comes. Ideally, this should be done during construction but if in any case, it is left open, make sure to seal the openings with a Styrofoam. This will also allow enough insulation inside the cesspool or septic tank.
  • Make sure there is enough insulation inside the septic tank. Proper insulation is very important for this type of home system. You do not want to ruin your winter season with a problematic cesspool or septic tank. Placing a layer of mulch over the tank, the pipes and the outer system is such a big help. Be resourceful and look for other organic materials you can use for the layering such as hay, leaves, and straw. It does not have to cost you much for the layering alone. You can even do a little mowing and store the grass clippings to be used when winter comes.
  • Always check the septic system and if you notice that it is already starting to freeze, run warm water in the system. This helps to normalize the situation. Do your usual things such as taking a hot shower, doing the laundry, washing the dishes and other activities that make use of water for your plumbing system to remain in its normal temperature. However, see to it that you do not overload the system by leaving the water running for long hours.
  • As much as possible, do not allow any traffic above the system. Vehicular or pedestrian traffic can damage the insulation inside the system. Even compacted soil can greatly affect the insulation of the septic tank. So make sure that you keep all traffic off your cesspool.